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Since 1995, Lyn Solander has provided nurturing massages for Vashon and Maury Island residents and guests. Click here to return to the main page.

Hot Stone

Basalt lava stones used for massageHot Stone is a wonderfully relaxing, and soothing way to painlessly relieve even the deepest tension. Lyn uses black basalt stones which are very smooth and retain the heat for a long time.

Placing and kneading hot stones over muscles helps increase an area's circulation and blood flow to stimulate healing to painful or injured muscles. The deep tissue massage and heat of the stones also aid in the ability to move toxins and waste through the body.


I came to Lyn a few months ago, when half a year of other treatments failed to relieve me of chronic neck pain. For months, I'd been unable to turn my head to the right without pain, and I experienced a really annoying click sound almost every time I moved my head in any direction. I'd tried acupuncture, physical therapy, traditional massage, and oral and topical treatments. But none of these worked for more than a few hours, if at all.
I had not previously heard of Bowen work, but I figured it was worth a try. After 3 sessions, I can honestly say that the pain and clicking were significantly reduced. After 6 sessions, they were probably 90% gone. I've seen her now about 15 times -- most recently for other aches and pains, but occasionally for a "tune-up" on my neck. But for the most part, my neck problems are gone.
If you're in a similar situation, I strongly recommend having Lyn work on you.
- Elena

Bowenwork® is a holistic, soft-tissue technique that relaxes and returns the body to a healing state. A Bowenwork practitioner applies light pressure through a minimal number of precisely located moves or touches over tendons, muscles and nerve bundles. In response the body resets its various systems, bringing the person into balance and promoting healing and well-being.

Routinely many conditions respond positively to Bowenwork. In addition to the many musculoskeletal conditions that improve, problems relating to respiration, digestion, reproduction, vitality, energy and even mood often respond as well.

Please note the special offer under reservations.


Lomilomi is the ancient Hawaiian massage. The dance like rhythmic movements of lomilomi were inspired from the sea and the wind. This massage brings healing energy to the client on 3 levels:


Lomilomi increases the circulation of blood and lymph. This flushes the toxins and brings nutrients and oxygen to every cell. This will leave your body feeling restored.


This massage helps to release past memories and trauma allowing you to let go of your inner chatter.


Lomilomi will leave you feeling at harmony with a sense of peace and well being.

Lymphatic Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy stimulates the lymph system with extremely light strokes. This helps drain puffy swollen tissues. It supports the immune system and helps the body heal after an injury or surgery. You will likely find this very relaxing.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

I've been to others on Vashon, but keep returning to Lyn because of her skill and spirit. After skiing or kayaking she restores my body!
- John

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a good approach for healing post traumatic effects of an accident or emotional trauma. It is also very effective in relief of chronic back pain, headaches, clearing pain and stress, and TMJ pain. This is done using a very light but effective touch to allow the tissues to relax and release. If you're prone to migraines or have a recent injury such as whiplash, this therapy may be the perfect form of relief. Many people go into a deep alpha state while recieving this therapy.


I have suffered from chronic back pain for years, and have tried every kind of treatment from chiropractic to physical therapy to acupuncture to Rolfing. Bowen Therapy is the first technique that has brought some lasting relief and improvement.
Lyn is an intuitive, skilled and experienced therapist, and I am so thankful she has added Bowen Therapy to her practice.
- M.B.

Cupping MassageMassage Cupping is very relaxing, effective, and a time honored technique dating back thousands of years.

By creating suction and negative pressure, massage cupping therapy is used to soften tight muscles, loosen adhesions, and separate layers of connective tissue to bring hydration and blood flow to body tissues. Massage cupping bodywork is versatile and can easily be modified to accomplish a range of techniques, from facilitation of lymphatic drainage to deep-tissue myofacial release.

Suction pulls toxins, pathogenic factors, blood poison, dead lymph and cellular debris from deep within tissues to the skin. These toxic agents are then more easily expelled from the body with the use of massage cupping. The marks dissipate from a few hours to several weeks, depending on the amount of stagnation and post treatment activities. Massage cupping marks are an indication of existing disease and toxins being removed from deep within the tissues. If there is no restriction, pathogen, blockage in lymph or blood circulation, marks will appear light pink, which indicates normal healthy blood flow to the dermis and disappear within a few minutes after the treatment.

Usually, the greatest amount of deposits being drawn to the surface will occur in the first few treatments- this is a good thing. The marks will lessen in intensity as the deeper issues are resolved and stagnations and toxins are processed out of the body via the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Although the marks look painful, they are not; Clients usually feel an immediate sense of relief.

Intraoral Massage

Lyn has been my masseuse for 16 years. She recently relieved me of some jaw pain in one session. I am grateful that she is now skilled in intraoral work.
- Jenn

Lyn is endorsed by the WA Health Department and Massage Board to do intraoral massage. Intraoral work may help those diagnosed with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction or with clenching, grinding and chronic sinus trouble.

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